Indiana Irrigation distributes whole goods and parts for almost any irrigation purpose.
Whether you are involved in a Nursery, Farm, Horticulture, Research, or Educational Administration, Indiana Irrigation has the irrigation products that will make your business more efficient.
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Drip/Micro Irrigation
(Low Volume Systems)

Pipe Fittings Pumps Controllers Emitters Sprayers Tools Valves Tubing

We stock stock 100% biodegradable plastic mulch!

We also have black and black/white at various widths.


While adding water alone to your production can make a lot of difference in your production results, it is often necessary to tweak the content delivered to the plants in order to take your results to the maximum! Chemical injectors regulate and deliver just the right nutritional and chemical mix to meet the wide variety of demands for your crop of choice.


We have a large stock of pipe for many different purposes such as: underground pipe, PVC, aluminum pipe, steel pipe, flexible-PVC, and systems for sports fields. Along with pipe we stock a multitude of parts, fittings, sprinklers, filters, and chemical injectors.


There would not be irrigation without the iconic sprinkler and we carry a full selection to meet every need that may arise! We carry both new and used sprinklers along with the parts and expertise to repair them for you if needed.


We have many types and sizes of pumps available to fit your irrigation system requirements

T-L Pivots

Because of the many benefits of their hydraulic design, Indiana Irrigation sells T-L Systems for row crop irrigation.


A K-Line irrigation pod system could be just what you have been looking for to meet your pasture and grazing irrigation needs. It is a simple, cost-effective method of increasing your capacity and profits.


Irrigation travelers are a large part of our business each year. We keep several in stock as well as a large supply of parts and service experience.

Plant Nutrition

Are you looking for a way to feed your plants with nutrition as well as give them optimal water supply? Nutrients from fish have been used for centuries to naturally build up the soil for healthy plants. Now we are able to deliver fish in liquid form through your irrigation system! We have also teamed up with some of the best brands to offer your plants a wide variety of options for nutrition, protection, and ease.

Mulch Layers

The Buckeye Mulch Layer is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way to push your vegetable crop production to the peak. Applying a weed barrier along with your drip irrigation is a double win!

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