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There is a simple equation that does a good job of estimating inches of rainfall. Precip rate(in/hr)=(96.25xgpm to area)/square feet of area

1. Inject acid into the drip system until the PH at the ends of the drip lines is 4.
2. Turn the system off and let sit for 30 minutes.
3. Open all the ends of the drip lines and flush the system thoroughly.

1. Often we are called because people are having trouble priming a pump. Usually there is a air leak somewhere on the suction side of the pump. Even the most insignificant pin hole can be the culprit. The best way to find a small hole like this is to create a vacuum in the suction side then turn any noise off and listen. If you are still unable to locate it start checking fitting connections, o-rings, and bolt clamp tightness. Another method is to put some soapy water or shaving cream over the suction hose or fittings and again listen for a leak and look for bubbles. Always be careful when storing your equipment since that is often the time when a small hole is created. In a worst case scenario your seals in the pump may be bad and need to be replaced. We can check the pump seal out by pulling a vacuum and seeing if it holds the vacuum.

2.Greasing the o-ring on ball and bell fittings like those found on our Doda pumps significantly decreases the effort of clamping the fitting down while at the same time really helps to prolong the lifespan of the o-ring and eliminating priming issues.

Fittings with O-ring

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