T-L Pivot

When we deliver a center pivot to meet your needs as a producer we want to provide only the best. We know that ultimately comes down to reliable and even water application delivered at the right time. Our experience has proven the ability of the T-L brand to deliver on those requirements like no other on the market. T-L’s hydrostatic drive delivers simple smooth and reliable movement that eliminates the hazards of mixing high voltage with water and steel, as well as having no exposed drive shafts avoiding deadly conditions when something goes wrong. The T-L pivot is well designed to be a solid investment well into the future!

Since 1955 T-L has accumulated thousands of hours of pivot irrigation product research and development, resulting in center pivot systems one can rely on to contribute to farming and irrigating success.

With each pivot system we carefully design the best system for the unique requirements of your field and operation. Below you will find a system planning sheet that will help us start that process.

T-L Center Pivot