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K-Line Irrigation Systems have multiple uses including:  pasture irrigation, alfalfa and forage irrigation, sod farms, effluent disposal, fire and dust control, orchard irrigation, logging industry, and land reclamation.  K-Line is also perfect for situations where irrigation equipment must be totally removed for activities like athletic fields, golf courses, polo fields, indoor and outdoor arenas, racetrack conditioning, cemetery irrigation, and amusement and theme park irrigation.

The systems consist of a series of heavy duty polyethylene pods spaced at intervals along specially formulated polyethylene tubing.  These lines of pods are designed to be moved by an ATV or small tractor along a predetermined route on a daily or as desired basis.  The specially formulated tubing is designed to withstand the stresses exerted on it while being  moved.  K-Line also offers an automatic moveable stock watering tank that is designed to attach to it’s tubing.


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